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I took several photos at the museum. All of them are okay or pretty nice, but this random one is my favorite. There is a treehouse at the museum, and they have put some colored gels up in the peak of the roof, so when I saw the colors on the floor, I had to shoot them. I know, I'm a goof.

Sweet Spot

IMG_3640, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I hardly ever get to catch the sunset on film with no phone lines or electrical wires in the way. Now I've found a sweet spot to get them, and it's not too far from home either. Yay!


IMG_3530, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Interesting shot huh? Looks like the backhoe is gonna scoop her up.

She was keeping me company while I was playing with my camera and I snuck this shot in. She's holding one of my lenses for me.

Rusty old tractor

IMG_3510, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

This tractor caught my eye at my sisters house. Truth be told, I was shooting a lot of stuff out there - trying out my new zoom lens and just having fun trying to make some ordinary stuff look interesting through the lens.

Spider Lily Bloom

IMG_3493, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

My sister noticed that her spider lily had bloomed while we were watching the kids climb trees. I took this nifty macro shot of it. Pretty cool huh?


IMG_3601, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

...of one of the pretty dead wildflowers. I had to hold it still because it was pretty windy out. Caught my finger in the original, but I cropped it out.


IMG_3603, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

So I saw these flowers on the side of the road during the 2 hour drive to my sisters. I had noticed them on the way there, and when we headed home and the sun was beginning its descent for the day, they appeared to be glowing. I didn't really know what they were so I decided to pull-over, get some shots and satisfy my curiosity.

They were pretty much just sun-dried weeds....but really just as pretty, I'm sure, as when they were freshly blooming.

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