This weeks theme at i♥faces is bubbles. I had to go back a few years for this photo. The kids were having a blast playing with the ginormous bubbles from their "jumbubbler" machine.

Look at how green the grass was, I think I'm going to cry looking at the lawn that is now brown and dead.



amphian portrait

IMG_0598, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I never knew that toads didn't like having their photos taken...until last night. Maybe it was just the flash that was spooking him, but he didn't want to sit still for anything. Fun stuff....we had rain, and got to chase a toad. What more could one ask for?


IHeartFaces....crazy, silly, funny faces


Had some fun with this entry to this weeks I ♥ faces http://www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com/ crazy, silly, funny faces contest. I'm so blessed that my kids will perform on demand for me. They're goofballs just like me.


They grow up so fast.

IMG_0584edit, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Seriously, I wish they'd slow down. I mean, I want them to grow up and become independent, productive citizens, but just not so fast.

Slow-mo please.

Evelyn's baptism

IMG_0577bw, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Almost a year after Ben's...she's wanted to come forward for several months now, but was too "bashful". I explained to her that it was nothing to be bashful about, but proud of.

She's a very happy girl today.


photo funk

IMG_7536, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Haven't been taking many pictures lately...life has been catching up with me and been giving me a bit of a beating. Anyhow...I figured I should probably post something so I dug up this picture I took in Feb while playing with my new lens.

I Heart Faces Photography Network

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