even MORE scenic...

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here is a shot with the rocky cliffside thing in the background. It provides some pretty nice shade late enough in the day - but it doesn't do much around noon. A bunch of birds have nests in holes in the rocky cliffside thing and they were flying all over the place. I'm guessing (and seriously guessing, I'm no nature expert by a longshot) that they were purple martins. Whatever they were, they were feasting on something in the air because they were flying back and forth madly all day between their cliff home and the trees.

more scenic

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here is a more scenic shot of the river....with a bunch of strangers in the picture. Hi strangers! You're now on my blog.

Guadalupe State Park

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I love this place. The water is shallow and icy and the kids have so much fun. I had fun, too. And there were more "scenic" shots that I took, but I haven't posted a pic of the kids recently, so I thought I'd post this one. We had a good day.


Memorial Day

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We took the kids to the cemetery today. That is where both of their Grandpa's are buried. It was pretty stormy and we had to sit in the car and wait for the rain to stop. The boy scouts and girl scouts put flags by all of the headstones yesterday.....there are A LOT of headstones. I wonder what the cemetery looks like from the air. It sure is huge.


ceiling decor

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These were hanging from the ceiling at Harrah's. I thought they looked pretty cool, so, of course, I took a picture. I took a lot of carpet shots too. I'm fascinated by different patterns and colors on carpets. I know, I'm such a geek.

the sunset over my shoulder...

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...literally. I had to do some twisting around to take this photo out of the window behind me. I'm sure the person in the seat behind me thought I was nuts. But isn't it pretty? Have I mentioned that I love flying?


Ceasar's Palace

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Ceasar's Palace is HUGE!!! Had I gone inside, I probably would have been even more amazed, but the statues and gardens outside were already enough to take my breath away. What a cool place to wander around and take photos. This statue was on top of one of the buildings.


on top of a thunderstorm

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Even the flight attendants were buckled-up while we were flying over these thunder clouds. There was a little bit of turbulence, but again, I loved it.


the grand canyon.....from the plane

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So yeah, I'm one of those goobers with my camera up against the window taking pictures as I watch the world go by beneath us. What can I say? I've only flown a handful of times, and I love it.

This is one of the shots I got after the captain informed us that we were right over the Grand Canyon. I still want to go there for a vacation some day. I hope Ronnie doesn't think this counts, because it doesn't.

More in-flight photos to come.


The eiffel tower in Vegas

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I took a lot of different shots of this, and this is by far my favorite. Vegas was fascinating, and I only got to see a tiny bit of it. I went out alone on Friday evening at dusk and walked a few miles up the strip to get some photos in.


Vegas.....so far

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I wanted to share some photos from my Vegas trip. I'm ending day two now. So far, I have probably walked about 10 miles.....and that's just in our hotel. I wonder if I'll lose any weight while I'm here. That $4 hot dog I had our first night was pretty good. But between the walking and the food (or lack of), I think I may actually get to drop a few lbs. Wooo Hoooo!!!! Now that's something to write home about! Although, I'm wishing I had brought some tylenol or something. My feet, ankles and legs are really hurting. Oh well, no pain - no gain, right? I never did understand that dumb saying. Click on the photo above if you want to see other shots I've taken so far.

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