The fruits of our labor

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We spent the better part of the day carving pumpkins. I plan to use these up at the church for my cake-walk booth. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work.


Pumpkin Patch Portraits 2008

We have done these every year since 2003...here is the latest edition






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This is what it looks like when my kids get along for more than five minutes. And at a restaurant at that! They make me so proud!!!


sweet spot II

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Okay, so we left this evening to go out to dinner and this is the sunset we see. I had Ronnie drive to the sweet spot so I could take some unobstructed pictures of it. Isn't it pretty?



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I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this shot when I took it. That little boy was just looking at that pinata with a longing only a toddler could. So near, and yet so far!

after a long, long, long day

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This is how he fell asleep, just ten minutes after proclaiming "I am NOT tired!"

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