Say hello to my little friend

This is a Carolina Anole. He was very accommodating when my daughter asked me to take some pics of him. He had a buddy nearby. They let me get very close and zoom in even closer. I'm so glad he didn't jump on my lens, because I would have jumped as well.



I hope they get their fill of little pesky bugs!


Spring, Bluebonnets, wildflowers and bees

Spring has sprung. One of the many things that I love about living in Texas is when we have a good wildflower season. We don't always get good ones. Dry winters mean little to no bluebonnets or colorful flowers. BUT we've had a good wet winter and the flowers are showing up everywhere in full force. Nevermind that technically they are weeds, and nevermind that when I go out to shoot them my nose runs and my eyes get all itchy. It's a delight to get to capture these beauties when I am able to.

busy bees all over the place doing what they do

My favorite shot of the day, I wonder if this is what it looks like to the bees?

Indian blanket.

White prickly poppies, I also call them "toilet paper flowers", because that is what they look like to me.

Purple phlox, a field of these is just breath taking. Like a sea of purple.

Look! Red, white and blue!

A time for new beginnings

It feels like Spring anyway, here in South Texas. Much needed and anticipated rain has enabled the grass to start greening up and the roses to start blooming. Wildflowers are just beginning to make their colorful appearance known.

I noticed I haven't posted in quite awhile. I get side-tracked, but I am going to make an effort to keep this blog updated better. I'll be sharing some wildflower pics soon and maybe even some simple photo tips if anyone is interested.

Until then, be blessed ~ BeckeyZ


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