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My friend, and new family


I will confess right here and now, that I do not normally like to shoot weddings. Not only is there a lot of stress (you don't want to mess up documenting the most important day of their lives) but a wedding is usually an all day event. That being said, I love to shoot weddings of people I know, or for friends. Yes, the stress factor is still there. But I get to share in this intimate moment and be part of it. When I know the couple, and care for them, it just makes it all the more special and I feel like part of the family.

That was the case this weekend. I got to meet some really awesome people and spend a good amount of quality time with them. And the best part was, it was a beautiful ceremony and reception, it didn't last until 1 am and I got to share this important day with a very wonderful friend of mine. She has truly been blessed to become part of her husbands family. I haven't met a nicer group of people in a very long time. They made ME feel like part of the family.

Congratulations my friend, may the road ahead be happy and blessed for you both. Love you lots!

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