Sunday Citar ~ Discovery

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“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”
~ Mark van Doren

I love to watching the kids learn and experiencing their daily discoveries, like this "fossil" my daughter found in my sister's backyard.


fixing old photos

I've been looking through a lot of my older digital photos lately and now that I am more confident in my post processing capabilities, I am having fun "fixing" them.

Take this photo of my kids for example. The white balance was set wrong so they look all purple. Not a great shot.

But with some color correction, cropping and creative editing, I was able to fix the colors and now it is one of my favorite pics of the kids. I wish they would look that happy together more often these days.

Old lousy photos are great to practice on when learning the ins and outs of post processing. It's also another reason why I rarely delete photo files. There is always some kind of hope that with a little work, it could still be an awesome shot.


somewhere back in time

I did a portrait session at one of our Missions yesterday. Mission San Jose or "Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo". I don't think I've ever been to this Mission. Like most San Antonians, I've of course been to the Alamo numerous times. I loved this place, and I have to study up on it and go back. Sounds like a field trip is in the works.

I got a shot of this window in what was left of a building. I imagined what it must have been like to live there and be looking out this window at what was going on outside. As I get older, I am more and more interested in history. I wish I had this passion for it when I was still in school.



more cardinals

I keep trying to get decent shots of our resident cardinals. I either need a better lens or more patience. Either way, I'm getting some "pretty good" captures. Just nothing perfect yet.


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