waiting, and watching

IMG_5992, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

He did this after almost every ball he tossed (yeah, he kinda tossed them...perklunk, rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll), stuck his hands in his pockets and watched. Took a long time for that ball to get down there too.

This shot looks good, but his final score was 10. The important thing is, he had a blast. I see more bowling in our future.



IMG_5982, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

She's waiting on her aunt who is going to take her for a ride on a four wheeler. I don't think I have seen her sit this still or be this quiet all Christmas season long. What a good girl.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Wishing all of my friends and family and anyone who bothers to check out this humble little blog, a Very Merry Christmas. God bless y'all!


Star light, star bright

IMG_5859, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I bought these really cool lights last year for the kids. I got around to hanging them last week. I'm not just lazy or anything, there were a lot of variables involved. They switched rooms this year and then there was the whole painting of the new room back in September. I still need to hang some stuff on the walls. I ran across these lights and had to go buy lightbulbs for them. They are so cool, the kids really like them. Now I want one in my room.


Incarnate Word College 2008 Light The Way

IMG_5851, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Mom and I were on our way home from a party and I decided to stop at IWC to see the lights. It was a nice evening, humid, but comfortable. So I parked the car and we took a walk around the campus. Very pretty, they do this every year. The photos are less than great (if I had known I would be stopping I would have brought my tripod), but if you want to see more from our walk, click on the photo above and it will take you to the flickr album.


rolling the dice

IMG_5716_crop, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

We played "scene-it" the movie edition at my niece's house this weekend. We get together every year to exchange gifts (not open, just exchange...it's more fun than mailing them). I loved this shot of my sister rolling the dice. Look closely, they haven't even landed yet.


the snowflake experiment

IMG_0776, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I've wanted to do this since I saw "Elf" the first time. I did it once in the office at church and finally got up enough gumption to do it at home. I think it turned out well. We had a lot of fun all day cutting out the snowflakes.


Family ~ Santa pic 2008

DSCF1532, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Here we all are, with our favorite Santa. Thank you Landers Photography(.com) for being the best deal in town. We have been going to the same mall to see the same Santa since the kids were babies. We love Landers Photography(.com).


Christmas in San Antonio

IMG_5627_edit, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Here is another shot from last night. It sure was cold out there, okay, cold for Texas. There were some people out and about, but most of the smart ones were inside somewhere warm.

The best shot

IMG_5635, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I probably could have stood there for awhile longer and taken several different shots with different settings, but the natives (my family) were getting restless in the cold. This is probably the best shot SOOC (straight out of camera) that I got tonight. I'm happy enough with it. I'll start fiddling around with the others later.


"Lost in Space" marathon

IMG_5614, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

We are now on disc 3 of the first season of "Lost in Space" (thank you netflix!). So every evening after the kiddos get their jammies on, we watch an episode.

I can't believe I forgot how incredibly dorky this show was, but the kids like it, even though it is in black and white, and my daughter "hates black and white tv."

Just wait til I get them started on the Twilight Zone's. LOL!


Kerr County Market Days

IMG_5574, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

We braved the cool weather today and headed over to Kerrville for this monthly event. It was fun, the first time I had been there and though I didn't have much money to spend, I thought it would be fun for picture taking.

This water fountain was my favorite item. It just caught my eye. Maybe because I'm doing dishes 4 or 5 times a day ( no fancy electric dishwashers at my house, folks....I AM the dish washer). Maybe it was just because the dishes were so much nicer than mine. LOL. Anyhow, since I couldn't buy it, I did want a picture of it, so I took one.

Click on the photo if you want to see the rest of my Market Days photos.


1985 snow

snow85, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Feeling a little chilly here today in TX, not this chilly, but still. I wanted to share some of my older photos. I took this in 1985 with my Minolta XGA. Yes, it does snow in Texas, every so often. We got 13" that year. I was on cloud nine. I walked all over the neighborhood taking pictures as proof. This tree is just down the street from my mom's house. I also have a sunrise shot of it, but I'll share that later.


when I can't sleep

IMG_5464, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I go outside and take pictures of the moon. Okay, normally I don't. But I did tonight. First time I've tried and I think it turned out pretty good. I don't have a remote shutter release, so I ad-libbed and used the timer release on the camera. It worked!!!


so many headstones...

IMG_5446_edit, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I forgot how big Ft Sam Houston Cemetery was. So many headstones. It's a very humbling place to visit. We went today to honor our veterans and visit the kid's grandpas graves.

Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country in the various branches of the military.


seeing red

IMG_5352, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

...and orange, and yellow!

We took a hike today through Lost Maples State Natural Area and I took lots and lots of photos. If you want to see them all, click on the photo above. I may play with editing them some more tomorrow, if I'm not paralized from the pain in my legs. Actually, most of them are pretty nice without any editing...but I have some fun ideas I want to try out.


view from the park

IMG_0658, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

This is what my church looks like from the park where the kids and I have started walking. I noticed it yesterday and brought a camera today to shoot a few pics. I thought it was pretty cool how all the birds were flying just at the time I snapped the shot.


Fall in TX

IMG_0619, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

This is not my photo, my 6 yr old daughter took this when we went on a walk at the nieghborhood pond yesterday. I had taken along my point-and-shoot camera and she said "Oh, let me take a picture of the fall leaves!" I thought it came out pretty nice, so here it is.


Not my daddy's air show pics

IMG_4838, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Earlier this week I was woken up by some extremely loud afterburner sounds. These cool pilots were practicing for the air show this weekend at the base just 2 miles from where I live.

My dad used to take us to air shows when I was much younger. I got my love for photography from my father. He gave me my first 35mm Minolta the Christmas of my senior year.

I decided I should take the kids to the air show since they got such a kick out of seeing them practice.

I remember the photos my dad took at air shows....they were mostly blue sky with a speck of black somewhere that was either a plane or perhaps a bird you could never really tell. And there were A LOT of them. That much I'm sure I got from him. I took close to 350 shots with my new zoom lens before my battery died (next time I'll know to bring the extra battery in my pocket). We had a blast.

I like to think my daddy would be proud of my photos today.

If you want to see more....click on the photo to go to my flickr page.


The fruits of our labor

IMG_0547, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

We spent the better part of the day carving pumpkins. I plan to use these up at the church for my cake-walk booth. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work.


Pumpkin Patch Portraits 2008

We have done these every year since 2003...here is the latest edition






IMG_0480, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

This is what it looks like when my kids get along for more than five minutes. And at a restaurant at that! They make me so proud!!!


sweet spot II

IMG_0490, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Okay, so we left this evening to go out to dinner and this is the sunset we see. I had Ronnie drive to the sweet spot so I could take some unobstructed pictures of it. Isn't it pretty?



4354edit, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this shot when I took it. That little boy was just looking at that pinata with a longing only a toddler could. So near, and yet so far!

after a long, long, long day

4486edit, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

This is how he fell asleep, just ten minutes after proclaiming "I am NOT tired!"


Nightly Routine

IMG_0393, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

She was soooooo mad at me for taking this picture. She cried. But then, she cries about almost everything lately. Drives me nutty, but I love her an her pretty teeth!


About to be baptized

BaptismDay1w, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Acts 2:38 (NRS)

Peter said to them, "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

hitting the books

IMG_4198, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I homeschool my kids. It is so much fun watching them learn. It's also nice having the rest of the day to play, bake, experiment or go on field trips. Almost everything we do is an opportunity to teach them something new.



dragonfly, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I was playing with this photo last night....cropped it in close and burnished the edges. I think dragonflies are the coolest bugs. I wasn't really able to catch the color very well on this one. It was almost an iridescent bluish/purple color. My daughter said she could see it's eyelashes, LOL! I don't think they have eyelashes.


favorite shot

more color, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I took several photos at the museum. All of them are okay or pretty nice, but this random one is my favorite. There is a treehouse at the museum, and they have put some colored gels up in the peak of the roof, so when I saw the colors on the floor, I had to shoot them. I know, I'm a goof.

Sweet Spot

IMG_3640, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I hardly ever get to catch the sunset on film with no phone lines or electrical wires in the way. Now I've found a sweet spot to get them, and it's not too far from home either. Yay!


IMG_3530, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Interesting shot huh? Looks like the backhoe is gonna scoop her up.

She was keeping me company while I was playing with my camera and I snuck this shot in. She's holding one of my lenses for me.

Rusty old tractor

IMG_3510, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

This tractor caught my eye at my sisters house. Truth be told, I was shooting a lot of stuff out there - trying out my new zoom lens and just having fun trying to make some ordinary stuff look interesting through the lens.

Spider Lily Bloom

IMG_3493, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

My sister noticed that her spider lily had bloomed while we were watching the kids climb trees. I took this nifty macro shot of it. Pretty cool huh?


IMG_3601, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

...of one of the pretty dead wildflowers. I had to hold it still because it was pretty windy out. Caught my finger in the original, but I cropped it out.


IMG_3603, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

So I saw these flowers on the side of the road during the 2 hour drive to my sisters. I had noticed them on the way there, and when we headed home and the sun was beginning its descent for the day, they appeared to be glowing. I didn't really know what they were so I decided to pull-over, get some shots and satisfy my curiosity.

They were pretty much just sun-dried weeds....but really just as pretty, I'm sure, as when they were freshly blooming.


Daddy hug

daddyedit1, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I pixelated the backround on this because it was just a bunch of junk on the microwave stand....I could probably get more creative with it, but I was in a hurry, I may play with it some more later. Anyhow, I really like 'the moment' I captured.


Texas Wildflowers 2005

DCP_2671.jpg, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

So, we didn't have many wildflowers this past year, or for the past several years as a matter of fact, because of either drought (now) or too much rain. So I thought I'd blog this pretty shot I got on my way to my sisters house in 2005. Look at all the color! I usually try to get some good bluebonnet shots, but this was just breathtaking.


IMG_0115, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I shot this out at our Pastor's house during his birthday party last week. Pretty huh? Thinking of adding a scripture verse to the bottom and printing a large copy for Pat (the pastor's wife) for her birthday.


Ronnie - AFTER

Ronnie - AFTER, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Ronnie got his hair all cut off. I've been suggesting he do this for a long time (what can I say, I like bald men).....anyhow, I think he looks good. And just think - no more gray hairs!

checkin' out the lobsters...

IMG_0050, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Yeah, Evelyn loves the lobsters. She would sit there and eat next to them if there was a table there. The photo is kinda grainy, but that's because I was going flashless with my point-and-shoot. I still like the photo.

Red Lobster

IMG_0059, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I took Annie, Mom and the kids to Red Lobster the other night. I couldn't resist getting some shots of the lobster tank. Evelyn loves the lobsters, though I don't think she'd ever eat one.

a moth

IMG_3421, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

a very small moth.

Playing with my zoom lens

IMG_3420, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

look, it's a bee!!! Cool shot for being one of the first ones I took with my new lens. I'm thinking I wish I had gotten the one with the image stablizer now, though. Oh well.....live and learn.

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