Yellow roses

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This is another shot from my neighbors' yard. I do have some roses on our rose bushes. I will try to get some photos of them soon. Then I need to cut the bush back.....I know, I know, there are certain times this has to be done, but I didn't do it when I should have, so now it's all over the place like a crazy octopus on miracle grow.

I like the little spots of dew on the flower in this shot.


Diversity Day

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There are some things we do at work that are just plain fun. Diversity Day is one of them. Employees are encouraged to bring in items that illustrate the different cultures represented in the workplace - and best of all, I get to take photos.

Click on the photo above to see more from our diversity day. Oh - and it was also 'crazy hat & sock day' so if you see some bizarre sock pics in there, that's why.


all dressed up

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Don't they look nice? It never lasts very long, but jeans and t-shirts are always waiting in the wings and I guess they are way more comfortable.


"Love Grew Where the Blood Fell"

A bit of a diversion from my photos for a moment...

This is one of the songs our choir is singing tomorrow morning. I have had a hard time getting through it every time I sing it. Have you ever had a song that just chokes you up EVERY TIME you sing it? Let me tell ya, it's difficult to sing when you are on the verge of crying. Pray I can get through it tomorrow - it's a beautiful song, and I feel so unworthy to even sing it.

See my Jesus on the cross,
the people crying.
Looking on, a man would think it tradgedy.
Bus what the crowd could not see
was when they nailed Him to that tree,
it would break the chains of sin's captivity.

Love Grew where the blood fell.
Flowers of hope sprang up for men in misery.
Sin died where the blood fell.
I'm so glad His precious blood has covered me.

Thorns of violence and hate
were growing wildly,
and the sorrow they had caused was plain to see.
But when the blood came streaming down the cross
where my Jesus bled and died,
He started blossoms of forgiveness flowing free.

Love grew where the blood fell.
Flowers of hope sprang up for men in misery.
Sin died where the blood fell.
I'm so glad His precious blood has covered me.

Easter 1968

1968Easter, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Our first Easter in Texas.

Is it just me, or does this picture make you remember the taste of pepto bismal? Lotta pink goin' on here folks. I love this picture, though. I keep thinking 'my poor, poor brother'. Having all of those sisters really did him in, poor guy.

It also makes me think, I sure do miss my Dad.

Go find something pink to wear and have a great Resurrection Weekend everybody!


easter blessings...

IMG_7902, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

...to all my bloggy friends out there. Thank you for watching my blog, and making comments. It truly is a blessing to me.


through the window

IMG_7913, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I was looking at the glass-block windows at church and was intrigued. Everything outside looks tiny and upside down through these windows. Anyhow, thought I'd get a shot of it and share.

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