January 31, 1998

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think warm thoughts

IMG_0024.jpg, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

This is actually an old photo. I took it in 2005 at our Botanical Gardens here. Sure, I have some cool macro-flower shots I took that day, but this is by far my favorite.


my girl

IMG_6425x, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Didn't want to play favorites, and there were questions....so I had some more fun with my self-schooling in portraits and figured I'd blog a shot of my stinkerdoodle. This kid is full of giggles and love.


snowflakes of light

snowflakes of light, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Confession time, I have yet to take my tree down. Generally, we take it down after Jan 6, but I have been lazy this year and it will probably come down sometime this week.

Anyhow, I was playing with some "holiday specs" (prism type glasses) that we got at Cracker Barrel before Christmas and I decided to try some shots of the tree with the glasses in front of my lens. I had forgotten that I still had the camera in b/w mode so this was the first shot I got. If you want to see the colored version, click on the picture above to go to my flickr album with the color shot, it's pretty neat too, and you can see the prismed "rainbow" around each flake.


birds on a wire

IMG_6361, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

We have a problem in our town with grackles....they are the nastiest, noisiest birds I've ever seen or heard. It's creepy when they are out in full force, it is just like being inserted into the movie "the birds". I've been wanting to photograph them for awhile now, so today was a very gloomy black and white kinda day and I decided to go over to the park and get some shots of them. I regret not taking my zoom lens, I may do that some other time, but this shot should give an idea of how many there are. I felt like they were watching me the whole time.

my guy

IMG_6344, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

He was my willing victim (for awhile anyhow) while I was working on my portrait skillz yesterday. I think he got tired of "smiling for the camera". This is my favorite shot of the day.



moon silhouette
I was shooting the moon again tonight, and thought I would try something different and focus in on the leaves on the bush in the foreground instead of on the moon...this is the result. That little bit on the bottom, the red part, is a corner streetlight.


perigee moon rising


This is NOT the best shot of the moon, being as it was hidden by cloud cover. And even the branches, while I think they look cool, were blowing so much in the breeze that they came out blurry, but I like the shot all the same, I think the color is kinda cool.


another sunset

IMG_6208, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Sometimes I can't get to my "sweet spot" fast enough. Tonight my mom called and told me I should go out and look at the sunset. It was pretty spectacular, but I didn't have time to drive to my "special place" so I had to just shoot what I could. These are the neighbors trees in the forground. Looks kinda spooky, but I like it. God gives us some pretty wonderful stuff to look at.


my darling children

IMG_6151, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Here they are, I so rarely get them all in a photo together. This was on New Years Eve (thus the hats, duh). I consider myself blessed threefold.


blast from the past

sunrise84, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

Here is that other shot of the live oak near my house. I took this one back in 1984 with my trusty Minolta XGA. I remember hearing the dj on the radio saying what a beautiful sunrise it was, so I grabbed my camera and ran over to the ditch a couple houses down that leads to this tree.

I'll have to try and get an updated photo of it sometime this year. I worry about overgrowth (weeds) ruining the shot, but I'll try anyhow.



IMG_6107, originally uploaded by beckeyz.

I love this game. When the kids started playing it tonight at church, I wanted to get some fun shots. I ended up actually sitting the camera on the table to take this shot. I love the way it turned out. And I love these translucent game pieces. Mine are boring solid plastic pieces. These almost look like candy.

Happy New Year everybody!

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