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Okay, so I haven't TOTALLY just "been away" all this time. I have been lost in facebook land. Too busy to upload and make blog posts. Not too busy at all really, but that is what I tell myself. I have been lazy. Lazy is a bad place for me, it is intoxicating and leads you down roads you don't need to go down. I HAVE been changing a lot of how I live. How I eat, how I workout (I DO now! Didn't used to at all) and overall taking care of myself. That is a good thing. But I need to get back to my blog. I may do a little re-vamping in the next couple weeks, but in the mean time... ...Here is a photo I took last November. I am SO READY FOR FALL and cooler weather, though, around here, it may not show up til November anyhow. Here is a pretty fall image to focus on for now. Enjoy! BJZ_1868


Sharmie September 2, 2013 at 3:46 AM  

Beckey - I love, absolutely love pampas grass! :) And so very good for you for all of the life changes that you have undertaken recently! Thumbs up!

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